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The Spread Of Avian Flu Continues In Poultry Farms

It was confirmed on Friday at a non-commercial poultry operation in Lacombe County. It's unclear how many birds there were infected with the H5N1 strain. Recently, there were four additional cases of avian flu in 3 commercial poultry flocks in Quebec and one in Ontario. The CFIA didn't release any information about what types of flocks were involved or how many birds were in those flocks. It's very likely all of the birds that didn't die from the disease would have to be destroyed.

It's widely believed the disease is spread to domestic flocks by migratory birds which are now returning to Canada. Industry officials are concerned that as more migratory birds make their way north, more cases of avian flu will be reported. BC has been the hardest hit over the past year, followed by Alberta.

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