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This election, make sure your local candidates and party leaders understand why agriculture matters

As a vital part of our society, producers and those working in agriculture understand better than anyone the importance of agriculture to our communities, economy, and food system. 

The 2023 provincial election is critical to me both personally and professionally. The decisions made by legislators hold considerable sway over the lives of Manitoba producers like myself, as these choices invariably impact our operations. 

That's why I need your help reaching out to all candidates this election to emphasize the pivotal role agriculture plays in our province.

In Manitoba there are over 14,500 farms encompassing 17.6 million acres of land, spanning The Pas to the Interlake to Winnipeg. We contribute safe, nutritious, and high-quality products valued across Canada and internationally - producing canola, wheat, beef, dairy, strawberries, potatoes, bison, honey, maple syrup, chickens, turkeys, eggs, and more!

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