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USDA Feed Outlook

The U.S. 2014/15 corn yield forecast is raised once again to a new record high of 174.2 bushels per acre, 2.5 bushels higher than last month’s forecast. The higher yield, partly offset by a 0.7-million-acre decline in harvested area, puts the crop at a forecast 14,475 million bushels, 80 million above last month, and the largest ever. A 129-million-bushel increase in supply and a 50-million-bushel increase in use raise the projected carryout to 2,081 million bushels. Both the high and low end of the 2014/15 corn farm price range are projected 10 cents lower for a new midpoint of $3.40 per bushel, which if realized, would be the lowest since 2006/07.

World coarse grain production for 2014/15 is boosted by prospects of a bumper crop for the EU this month. Global coarse grain ending stocks for 2014/15 are projected higher this month and are expected to be the highest in 15 years.

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Source: USDA

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In Swine Versation: The Pig Farmer “says” with Leon Sheets

Video: In Swine Versation: The Pig Farmer “says” with Leon Sheets

Welcome back to another episode of In Swine Versation. Leon Sheets, is the owner of a Pig Farm from Ionia, Iowa with raising approximately 33,000 pigs.

1.Introduction to Pig Farming Journey: Started as a family farm in Ionia, Iowa.

2.Passion for pig farming led to the growth of the farm to approximately 33,000 pigs. Emphasis on sustainability and success through responsible practices.

3. Evolution of Social Media Presence: Initially not active on social media. Felt a void in communicating how food is prepared. Embraced storytelling to demystify the farming process.

4. Highlights "We Care" initiative and emphasizes a passion-driven approach. Not a paid blogger; success measured in fostering understanding.

5. Passion and Concerns in the Pork Industry: Prop 12 stands out as a hot topic. Active involvement and advocacy for sustainable pig farming practices.

6.International Farming Experience: Traveled to Hutterite Colonies in Canada. Shared experiences, learned different farming practices, and built connections.

Humility in Learning: "I'm a Pig Farmer, what do I know?" is a humble perspective. Inspired a T-shirt to convey continuous learning and improvement.

Sustained Legacy in Farming and Industry: Aspires to leave a legacy of responsible and sustainable pig farming. Focus on animal welfare, environmental stewardship, and community engagement. A positive narrative to inspire industry-wide adoption of sustainable practices.