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What Makes John Deere TruSet Tillage Technology an Asset

TruSet™ Tillage Technology from John Deere has revolutionized the way producers take care of their fields every season. This technology is designed to give operators the option to make on-the-go adjustments, right from the comfort of their cab. Customers also gain the opportunity to document each tillage pass to see which strategies work best for their specific field.


Let’s take a look at some of the other highlights of TruSet Tillage Technology and see how this offering can help you with your tasks at hand.

What is TruSet Tillage Technology?

TruSet Tillage Technology from Deere allows operators to make adjustments as they’re tilling in a matter of seconds. This means that they spend less time adapting to ever-changing conditions while out in the field. The system also helps customers apply residue at different levels and change their tillage depth in lighter soils. Having this control gives users additional insight into improvements they can make to create an easier workday.

At the touch of a button, operators can fine-tune their implement with 1/10th of an inch adjustments. TruSet Tillage Technology also allows users to keep a closer eye on their tillage passes to better understand how they impact crop emergence and yield. Setting combinations can be saved as well, meaning operators don’t have to worry about making major changes every workday.

How to Enjoy the Benefits of TruSet Tillage

TruSet Tillage Technology can be ordered along with Deere equipment directly from the factory, or as a part of a Performance Upgrade Kit. Compatible machines include:

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