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Why it's time to shift thinking about food processing sustainability

It’s time to flip the script on food processing sustainability.

While going green is the new reality in all sectors, including food and beverage processing, the reality for many processors is concern about increased costs that may come from increased sustainability.

But Peter Chapman of SKUFoods says it’s time for a shift in thinking. He works with food companies to help them differentiate their products and grow their business. Chapman says while there is certainly an investment needed for increased sustainability, there are also opportunities. Instead of being held back by worry, consider how creating a sustainable product may ultimately benefit your business – and the environment.

Major Canadian grocery retailers, including Loblaw, Metro, Sobeys and Walmart, for example, have all committed to a 50% reduction in food waste within their organization by 2025 and are looking to their suppliers to institute similar policies, Chapman says. With sustainability practices in place, doors to major retailers with similar philosophies may be easier to open.

That’s not to say that sustainability comes cheaply or easily.

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