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Eliminating Seed Fraud: How BioTags Work

Apr 25, 2022

Video: Eliminating Seed Fraud: How BioTags Work

Traditionally, seed companies rely on their packaging for traceability. The bag identifies the seed. Problem is, once that seed comes out of the bag, that valuable product is now open to theft and fraud. After all, you can’t put a barcode on each tiny seed to identify what it is or where it came from.

Or can you? Enter Canada’s Index Biosystems (Index) and its BioTags technology — microscopic fingerprints made from baker’s yeast that can be applied to seed to prove its identity. Their mission is to use biotechnology to imprint identity onto products, enabling brands to deliver a more secure and sustainable future.

Company CEO Michael Borg is a two-time startup founder and two-time first technical hire, leading to one IPO and two acquisitions. As an entrepreneur and software/data engineer, he identified the opportunity to link a physical product to its digital supply chain and now leads Index’s vision to leverage biology for improved supply chain traceability.