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Farm Expansion without Breaking the Bank

Mar 14, 2022

Video: Farm Expansion without Breaking the Bank

Presented by Joelle Faulkner and Lars Rogers of Area One Farms - Years ago, while the Faulkner family was expanding their main barn, the Faulkner’s had an opportunity to purchase a neighbouring farm. The problem was that they didn’t want to take on any additional bank debt, but also couldn’t find any partners to invest with them. Like countless Canadian farmers, the Faulkner’s had to pass on what they knew was a great farm expansion opportunity. Inspired by her experience – farming and finance – Joelle founded Area One Farms to bring a new agricultural financing solution to the market. The goal is to keep farmland in farmers’ hands and help them grow so they can bring more children back to the farm. In this session, you will learn how to expand your operation to accommodate growth for your children, buy out parents, and complete land improvement projects without breaking the bank!