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Prairie Organics 2022: What Makes Soil Healthy

Mar 28, 2022

Video: Prairie Organics 2022: What Makes Soil Healthy

Prairie Organics: Think Whole Farm 2022 Recorded Session - 8 February 2022 - Yamily Zavala talks about soil health sampling protocols, what soil health indicators need to be tested, and what the CARA Soil health Lab reports offer. Evaluating the soils on your farm will give you the basic information you need to start the process for healing soils. She will also discuss what to monitor during this process with whatever management strategies you have implemented. Soil Health and Crop Management Specialist and Soil Health Lab Manager, Dr. Yamily Zavala has managed the Chinook Applied Research Association’s crop and soil program for the past eight years. Prior to joining the CARA staff, she was a crop production consultant based out of Ottawa where project work took her to Central and South America as well as points in the south and west of Africa. Early in her career, Yamily was a Soil Scientist for the National Agricultural Research Foundation at the Táchira State Research Center in Venezuela.