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2022 Prairie Livestock Expo to be held in Winnipeg

2022 Prairie Livestock Expo to be held in Winnipeg

Show Previously known as Hog & Poultry Days


The Prairie Livestock Expo, which was previously known as Hog & Poultry Days, is a new multi-species trade show which will be held December 14, 2022, at the Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre in Winnipeg.

The show will focus on new technology and information for all livestock production needs! Attendees will be able to learn about the latest developments in animal handling, feed additives, housing systems, feeding equipment, odour control, composting and manure application.

In addition to several pork education sessions, the show will feature the Pork Quality Competition -- Canada’s largest pork quality competition celebrating excellence in pork production.

The Prairie livestock show will feature:

  • A variety of livestock including hog, beef, dairy, sheep, poultry bison, goat
  • 140 Exhibits
  • 30,000 square feet of display space
  • more than 140 exhibits
  • Door prizes will be awarded

Parking for the event will be free. Mark you calendar now and plan on attending.

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