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Ag commissioner election results

Ag commissioner election results

Voters elected two state commissioners on Nov. 7

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Voters in two states headed to polling stations on Nov. 7 to elect multiple officials, including their state ag representatives.

In Kentucky, for example, Republican Jonathan Shell and Democrat Sierra Enlow ran for the opportunity to replace Ryan Quarles, who reached his term limit and focused on an eventually unsuccessful gubernatorial run.

Voters chose Shell, a fifth-generation cash crop and cattle farmer from Garrard County with 761,937 votes, compared to 521,747 votes for Enlow, who also comes from a farming family.

His first official day in office will be Jan. 1, 2024.

As Kentucky’s new ag commissioner, Shell promises to support farmers and rural values.

Jonathan Shell
Jonathan Shell (X photo)

"I’m so honored by the trust placed in me by the people of Kentucky to be the next commissioner of agriculture," Shell said in a statement, the Louisville Courier Journal reported. "I’ll work every day to support Kentucky’s farmers, protect our rural communities and defend our way of life. My wife, Brooke, and I are grateful to everyone who supported our campaign and worked tirelessly to build a better commonwealth for our families and our children."

Specifically, Shell plans to push back on “the economic policies that have led to record inflation, crushing Kentucky farms and families with record high gas, groceries, mortgages, child care inputs to business. And the list can go on and on,” Shell said in his victory speech, Spectrum News reported.

Voters in Mississippi also elected their ag commissioner on Nov. 7.

Republican incumbent Andy Gipson, a lawyer and farmer, defeated Democrat challenger and farmer Robert Bradford with 325,256 votes. Bradford received 194,047 votes.

Andy and Leslie Gipson
Andy and Leslie Gipson (Facebook photo)

Gipson was first elected ag commissioner in 2019.

“Thank you Mississippi!” he said on his Facebook page. “Looking forward to serving you with four more years of proven, conservative leadership. Leslie and I thank you all so much for your support. God bless Mississippi!”

People in another state were supposed to elect an ag commissioner later in the month, but that race wrapped up before it could get started.

In Louisiana, Republican incumbent Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain won his fifth term in August when no one signed up to challenge him.

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