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Answering questions about Sask.’s road rules for ag equipment

Answering questions about Sask.’s road rules for ag equipment

Harvest time means more farm equipment will be on the roads

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A recent article posed questions to farmers about Saskatchewan’s road rules with respect to farm equipment.

So, without further delay, here are the correct responses.

1) Equipment traveling slower than 40 km/h must be equipped with a slow-moving-vehicle sign.


The sign must be mounted on the rear of the vehicle, the Saskatchewan’s Driver’s Handbook says.

2) Loaded farm equipment cannot be hauled after 12 p.m. on Sundays.


3) Farmers need a permit to move farm equipment at night on a non-designated highway.


4) If moving farm equipment without a permit, over-dimension signs and flashing beacons are:

Recommended but not mandatory.

5) A permit is required to move farm equipment on Highway 5 from Watson to Saskatoon.


6) If traveling from an equipment dealership to a farm, an escort vehicle isn’t required.


7) Tractors and other self-propelled pieces of equipment must have two white tail lamps visible from the back.


The equipment must have two red tail lights visible from the back.

8) A manufactured sprayer trailer can be a maximum of 4.27m wide for annual permits.


If the sprayer extends beyond the extremities of the trailer, a separate permit is required for it.

9) A seat belt is mandatory when operating farm equipment.


10) A permit is required for equipment that is towed behind a vehicle that is self-propelled on a non-designated provincial highway when traveling during daylight hours.


Be sure to check back as will quiz farmers in the other prairie provinces about ag equipment road rules.

How many did you answer correctly?

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