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Big Oil Launches Ad Campaign Against U.S. Biofuel Rule

Big Oil Launches Ad Campaign Against U.S. Biofuel Rule

By Amanda Brodhagen,

The American Petroleum Institute (API) kicked-off an advertising campaign aimed at putting pressure on the White House to repeal a federal biofuel rule.

API’s push comes as the House and Senate are holding hearings to discuss the biofuel-blending rule, which would require 36-billion gallons of renewable fuels with conventional gasoline by 2022.

The ads show a car mechanic, who warns that fuels with high ethanol concentration could damage vehicle engines and may be problematic for warranties.  The significant campaign was rolled about in radio, TV, print and online.

While API’s goal is to fully repeal the rule, it is unlikely to happen, but lowering the blend mandate could be a possibility. The biofuel industry is calling the ads misleading, arguing that API wants to maintain its monopoly on the fuel market.

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