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Bird Flu alert - Human case linked to Texas dairy cows


A person in Texas contracts bird flu after contact with infected dairy cows. The Texas Department of State Health Services warns health providers to watch for symptoms amid the spread of avian influenza in cattle. 

Avian influenza, typically spread by wild birds, poses minimal risk of human-to-human transmission. However, close contact with infected animals increases the likelihood of infection. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture confirms bird flu in dairy herds across multiple states, including Texas, Kansas, and Michigan. Presumptive positive cases emerge in Idaho, New Mexico, and Texas. 

Regulatory measures and pasteurization ensure the safety of the commercial milk supply. Still, the outbreak highlights the need for vigilance and cooperation among health and agriculture authorities. 

Livestock producers face rapid changes as avian influenza affects cattle. Prompt detection and response are essential to mitigating the spread and impact of the virus on both human and animal health.

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