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Canada Innovates with High-Protein Plant-Based Foods

Canada Innovates with High-Protein Plant-Based Foods

By Jean-Paul McDonald

Protein Industries Canada celebrated the introduction of a groundbreaking project that will elevate plant-protein nutrition and expand its global market presence.  

The initiative is a collaboration among Wamame Foods, Apex Food Source, Crush Dynamics, and AGT Food and Ingredients, focusing on developing high-protein food products like burritos that surpass the protein content of many traditional protein bars. 

The initiative stems from the successful launch of Wamame’s premium Waygu line, funded by Protein Industries Canada's first investment. The new line boasts a protein content 65% higher than that of cooked ground beef, crafted using Canadian-sourced peas, favas, and canola proteins. 

This project is not just about higher protein levels; it also prioritizes sustainability. For instance, Crush Dynamics integrates environmentally friendly practices by repurposing wine by-products, while Apex focuses on amplifying production for international reach.  

This strategy aims to position Canada as a leader in plant-based food innovation and address the increasing global demand for sustainable and nutritious food options. 

A notable $6.3 million has been committed to this venture, with $2.8 million from Protein Industries Canada and the balance from the involved partners. This investment reflects a robust confidence in the potential of Canadian plant-based foods in the international marketplace. 

The project’s launch was marked by a tasting event in Toronto, showcasing the innovative high-protein products set to be available across North American and overseas retail locations. The event aligned with the commencement of Plant-Based Food Week and underscored Canada's capabilities in ingredient processing and food manufacturing. 

Officials, including the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne and executives from the collaborating companies, expressed enthusiasm about the project's potential.  

They highlighted its role in not only advancing Canada's food technology but also in enhancing the nutritional value and taste of plant-based proteins, thereby providing superior alternatives to traditional meat products. 

With this initiative, Protein Industries Canada and its partners are not only contributing to the economic growth through innovation but are also setting new standards for the quality and sustainability of plant-based foods globally. 

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