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Chicken council criticizes USDA's poultry rule

NCC president calls proposed regulation "Anti-business" and detrimental to farmers


The National Chicken Council (NCC) released a statement expressing its strong disapproval of USDA's newly proposed rule, titled "Poultry Grower Payment Systems and Capital Improvement Systems." NCC President Mike Brown criticized the regulation, describing it as detrimental to the poultry industry and farmers.

According to Brown, the proposed rule represents the administration's anti-business agenda, hastily introduced before the upcoming election.

Brown argued that the rule, not requested by Congress, would enforce rigid standards on chicken growing contracts, hindering innovation and increasing costs for consumers. Brown also cautioned that the regulation could diminish competition and result in job losses for farmers.

Brown accused the administration of unfairly blaming food producers for high grocery prices, deflecting attention from its own policies and regulations. He asserted the NCC's intention to vehemently oppose the rule through formal comments and feedback submission.

In essence, the NCC strongly opposes USDA's proposed poultry rule, expressing concerns over its potential negative repercussions for industry innovation, competitiveness, and job security.

The council remains committed to advocating for the welfare of chicken growers and producers amidst regulatory challenges.

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