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Come one, come all to the Fall Classic – and bring your pigs

Come one, come all to the Fall Classic – and bring your pigs

Stephens County hosts the National Swine Registry

By Kate Ayers

Staff Reporter


The National Swine Registry’s (NSR’s) Fall Classic will attract producers of pedigreed pigs from across the U.S. to Oklahoma this week.

The major event for American pork producers will be held at the Stephens County fairgrounds from Nov. 15 to 18.

“The Fall Classic is always one of the most anticipated and highly attended NSR events of the year. Thousands of show pig breeders and exhibitors from across the country will travel to Duncan, Oklahoma, to show and sell breeding stock, market their weanlings and purchase livestock,” Cassie Godwin, social media coordinator and editor at the NSR, said in a statement to today.

The show and sale at the Fall Classic brings American pork producers together.

“It’s a great opportunity for our members to get together and evaluate genetics – to help make the next pig crop better whether it’s for the commercial swine industry or for the youth programs throughout the United States,” Mike Paul, CEO of the NSR, said in yesterday’s Duncan Banner article.

Registration for the Fall Classic begins today, and all entries need to be on site by 5 p.m. on Nov. 16. The sale runs on Nov. 17 and 18. The full schedule can be found here.

Through the NSR Fall Classic, producers can improve their stock and introduce different genetics into their operation.

“Something unique about the Fall Classic is the number of prospect pigs that are brought here for the young people – specifically, more the Oklahoma and Texas young people – that give them an opportunity to be really competitive in the shows next spring,” Paul said in the article. 

And pork producers will have a lot to do and see at the Fall Classic.

“Producers who attend the NSR Fall Classic can expect to see four days filled with some of the highest quality swine genetics in the country,” said Godwin.

“There is a weanling sale where baby pigs are sold to 4-H and FFA students. There is also a breeding show where boars and gilts are exhibited and sorted into a sale order then sold during the NSR sale to boar studs and show pig producers.

“(In addition), several agriculture businesses set up booths to promote their products and interact with current and potential customers,” said Godwin. 

The event also makes a substantial contribution to the host site’s economy.

“We always talk about going to Duncan and we appreciate the support the community has given over the years,” Paul said.

For full details on the Fall Classic, visit its website.


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Updated: November 15, 2017


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