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Consumers Want What Agriculture Can Provide

Food Trends Discussed at Annual C and M Seeds Wheat Industry Day

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Customer’s changing lifestyles are creating new demands for agriculture to meet. The 21st Annual C and M Seeds Wheat Industry Day shed light on some of the new consumer food trends that are being noticed on the consumer demand side of agriculture and food. One of the featured speakers at the event Gary Fread enlightened the audience about three key trends:

·         Asian vegetables

·         Consumers seeking healthier food

·         Food produced in a more “environmentally” fashion

Asian vegetables are on a demand to meet a growing marking for immigrants who prefer food from their homeland. Consumers are also seeking out healthier lifestyles to help lose weight and prevent diseases so fresh fruit and vegetables are on the rise, while other consumers are interested in purchasing local food that appears to be grown in an “environmentally” way.

There is tremendous opportunity for Canadian farmers to fill this void and become significant player on the export market. Agriculture will always be evolving to adapt and meet the local consumer and global demands. With the projected population increases from seven billion to eight billion in the next two decades food will continue to be in high demand with much of that necessity coming from developing countries.



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