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Corteva invests in 4-H Canada's youth development


Corteva Agriscience has stepped up as a national partner for 4-H Canada, generously contributing $100,000 towards youth leadership development. This investment is set to enrich the Environment & Healthy Living programs, bringing sustainable agriculture and healthy lifestyle education to the forefront for young Canadians.

Hugh Maynard, 4-H Canada Interim CEO, expressed gratitude for Corteva's support, highlighting its role in providing high-quality, experiential learning opportunities. The partnership focuses on encouraging young individuals to contribute meaningfully to their communities and beyond, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment and personal well-being.

The involvement of Corteva extends to the Members Forum, a cornerstone event since 1931. This conference offers mentorship circles, networking, and career insights, directly linking youth with industry leaders. Tyler Groeneveld, Corteva’s North American Director, emphasized the importance of engaging with the youth, recognizing them as future industry leaders.

Corteva's backing bolsters 4-H Canada's Careers on the Grow program, aimed at career readiness and exploration. Through this initiative, participants gain access to valuable resources, including paid internships, to kickstart their journey in the agricultural sector.

Jeremy Dirks, VP of Corteva’s Canada Commercial Business, stressed the importance of wellbeing and career development programs in nurturing young talent. The partnership not only supports national initiatives but also extends its impact to provincial programming, ensuring a wide-reaching effect.

As the national partner for the Environment & Healthy Living pillar, Corteva's investment will continue to support 4-H Canada's mission to develop youth leaders.

The collaboration promises to cultivate a generation equipped with the skills and knowledge to lead the agricultural industry towards a sustainable future.

"One youth delegate commented, “After Members Forum, I feel like I have a much stronger sense of what my career could be, and where my education could take me.” This statement captures the essence of the partnership's impact, showcasing the transformative power of education and mentorship in shaping the careers of young Canadians in agriculture.

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