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Dawn Equipment Company Pluribus Strip Till System.

By Michael Dales, Ltd.

The team attended the Farm Progress Show 2015 near Decatur, Illinois and selected a number of innovative companies and products to profile.

Here is a news video walkaround tour of the Dawn Equipment Company where the President Joe Bassett shared a brief overview of several new products they have introduced to farmers.  For more information visit the Dawn Equipment website at    or follow them on Twitter at @DawnEquipment of @JoeatDawn

The Dawn Equipment is a family owned company located in Sycamore, Illinois and built up a reputation for responsive customer service and American-made quality products that goes back to its earliest beginnings more than two decades ago.

Dawn has always taken new products out for testing in real world situations: the farms of loyal customers who discovered Dawn and felt an instant connection to designers and engineers who listened to their needs, and were willing to get cold, muddy, and dusty.

The company has grown with numerous products, earned awards for innovative design plus a growing number of patents.Dawn Equipment's innovations provide farmers new options in strip-till, active hydraulic control of planter and attachments.


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