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Deere S680 combine sells for top dollar at auction

Deere S680 combine sells for top dollar at auction

A buyer from Kansas purchase the combine after 243 bids Auction Report

Buyers saw green during a July 12 equipment auction as out of 1,520 items sold, the five pieces of machinery that sold for the highest prices had John Deere colors.

A 2015 John Deere S680 combine sold for the highest price.

The combine from Orchard, Neb., sold for US$147,500 (CAD$194,910) to a buyer from Kansas after 243 bids.

Specs: 2,169 engine hours, 1,604 separator hours, John Deere 13.5L Engine, ProDrive Transmission, CountourMaster, Command Touch 5-Speed Feeder House, Hyd. Fore/Aft., Rotary Chopper, Straw Spreader, 26' Unloading Auger Length, 520/85R42 Front Tires, 23.1R26 Rear Tires, Duals, GS3 7" Touch Display.

A 2008 John Deere 8330 tractor from Tecumseh, Okla., sold for US$145,750 (CAD$192,637) to a buyer from Nebraska after 286 bids.

Specs: 3,102 hours, 275 Hp, John Deere Power Tech 6-Cylinder 24 Valve Diesel Engine, Powershift Transmission w/ 16 Forward And 4 Reverse Gears, Guidance Ready, 1000 PTO, 3-PT Quick Attach Hitch, Buddy Seat, 4 Sets Of Rear Hydraulic Outlets, Radio, AC/Heat, 420/85R34 Front And 480/80R50 Rear Tires, Duals On Front And Back, 10 Front Weights.

A 2014 John Deere R4038 sprayer from Kennett, Mo., sold for US$128,250 (CAD$169,518) to a buyer from Texas after 240 bids.

Specs: 3,070 hours, Stainless Steel Boom Plumbing, Hydrostatic Transmission, Stainless Steel Tank, 1100 Gallon Gal. Chemical Tank Capacity, Rinse Tank, 100 Ft Boom Length, Auto Height Control, 6 Boom Section Control, 5 Way Nozzle Body, Stainless Steel Boom Plumbing, 20" Nozzle Spacing, Fence Row Nozzles, Poly Chemical Inductor, Hydraulic Suspension, 380/90/R46 Front Tires, 380/90/R46 Rear Tires, Fenders, Wheel Shields, Heater, AC, Radio, Guidance Ready, Row Guidance, John Deere, Touch Screen Command, Direct Injection System, Driver Side Mirror Missing, Rust In Spots, John Deere 9.0 Liter Engine.

A 2011 John Deere 1770NT 24R30 planter from Orchard, Neb., sold for US$110,250 (CAD$145,722) to a buyer from Wyoming after 178 bids.

Specs: 11-22.5 Operational Tires, 11-22.5 Transport Tires, 2 Point Hitch, Power Folding, 1000 Bu Hoppers, Poly Primary Tank, Hydraulic Drive, Martin Floating No-Till W/Clean Sweeps, Vacuum Meter, Precision E-Set, Corn Discs, Bean Discs, Electric Row Clutches, Air Down Force, 2-500 Gallon Poly, Demco Ground Driven W/Split Shutoff, Harrow Attachment, Furrow Cruiser Closing Wheels, Double Stainless Fertilizer, Drag Chains.

John Deere 1770NT

A 2010 John Deere 9670 STS combine from Verona, N.D., sold for US$102,500 (CAD$135,479) to a buyer from Texas after 284 bids.

Specs: 2,281 engine hours, 1,556 separator hours, John Deere 9.0L Engine, John Deere 3-Speed Hydrostatic Transmission, Lateral Header Tilt, Hydraulic Fore/Aft Reel Adjustment, Single Point Hookup, Bullet Rotor, Round Bar Concaves, Electric Concave Adjustment, Electric Sieve And Chaffer Adjustment, Extended Wear Package, Rotary Chopper, Straw Spreader, 300 Bu. Bin Extensions, 22.5' Unloading Auger Length, 2WD, 20.8 R42 Front Tires, 18.4R26 Rear Tires, Duals, Lights Inside Of Separating Areas., Hydraulic Suspension Operator Seat, Guidance Ready, Factory Monitors, Command Center, Operator's Manual, 2 Round Bar, 1 Small Wire, 1 Large Wire Concaves.

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