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Driving Farm Productivity: Gas-Powered Post Driver

Driving Farm Productivity: Gas-Powered Post Driver

Photo Credit: Skidril

Driving posts for fences when you can’t use a bigger piece of equipment 

By Braxten Breen Intern 

Sometimes you can’t use a larger piece of equipment to drill a post on the farm. That is when the Skidril post driver can come in handy.  

Depending on the circumstances, driving posts manually can be physically demanding and challenging to a farmer. Soil conditions, post material and size, post depth, physical strength all come into play when installing a series of posts for the farm. 

Skidril has a tool for you, the G15D is a 4-cycle gas powered post driver that puts an end to manually post driving.  

Gas powered post drivers originated with Skidril, with a series of post drivers, the G15D is easy on-off simplicity, powerful light weight driver with no hoses attached. 

Weighing in at 33lbs, the G15D driver runs at an impact energy of 35 ft-lbs. being a 1.5 hp with max speed of 600 rpms, while remaining at a high fuel efficiency of 1qt/hr.  

The G15D driver has an air cushion dampening for no recoil, with few moving parts already, there is no need for springs or extra parts. 

The G15D from Skidril is a cool tool for drilling post holes when you can use a larger piece of equipment. Watch the video below to see how easy the Skidril G15D is to use.  

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