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Eby Unleashes 2025 Maverick Livestock Trailer at Ohio Beef Expo

Eby Unleashes 2025 Maverick Livestock Trailer at Ohio Beef Expo


M.H. Eby, Inc. announces the debut of its 2025 Maverick livestock trailer. Set to be unveiled at the Ohio Beef Expo, the new Maverick marks a significant leap forward in trailer design and functionality. 

The exterior of the 2025 Maverick stands out with its modern, chiseled aesthetic, boasting sharp angular lines that command attention.  

Eby's commitment to innovation is evident in the trailer's all-new side slat design, which minimizes the appearance of welds and fasteners, presenting a cleaner and more streamlined look. Additionally, the trailer introduces a fresh logo and wordmark, signifying a new era for the renowned manufacturer. 

Beyond its striking appearance, the Maverick's interior has been meticulously redesigned to prioritize the comfort, safety, and cleanliness of transported livestock.  

The introduction of new divider gates that are stronger, smoother, and easier to operate is a game-changer for both animals and owners. A notable advancement is the 7”x 5” rear frame, supporting an innovative slam-shut rear gate system.  

This feature eliminates the need for traditional 2-point lock rod door latches, simplifying the loading and unloading process. 

Eby's engineering heritage is preserved in the Maverick's core components, including cast front and rear corners, trapezoidal gusset at the coupler, integrated slat closure tracks, and high-grip diamond plate floors. These elements underscore Eby's dedication to quality and durability. 

The 2025 Maverick livestock trailer is the culmination of extensive research, development, and customer feedback, embodying Eby's mission to push the boundaries of innovation.  

This launch reinforces Eby's position as a leader in the manufacturing of aluminum trailers and truck bodies, continuing its legacy of excellence since 1938. As the agriculture industry looks forward to the Ohio Beef Expo, the Maverick is poised to set new standards for livestock transportation. 

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