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Euro Cup predictions – ag style – Part II

Euro Cup predictions – ag style – Part II

Using ag data to predict the winners of the last three groups

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Soccer fans around the world are gearing up for Friday’s start of the 2020 Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) European Championships, also known as the UEFA Euro Cup.

The tournament was originally scheduled to be played in June and July of last year but rescheduled because of the pandemic.

Fans and analysts are submitting tournament brackets, and is no different. will determine the group and knockout stage winners using available ag data.

Countries where agriculture is a higher percentage of its overall GDP will move onto the second round of the tournament and so on.

Earlier in the week, looked at Groups A, B and C.

This article will focus on Groups D, E and F.

All figures are from 2019 and in $USD unless otherwise noted.

Group D


GDP in 2019

Ag Percentage of GDP



£2.17 trillion

0.61 percent

Winners of Group D


$60.75 billion

2.78 percent



£168 billion

About 1 percent

Advances to knockout stage

Czech Republic

$250.7 billion

2.5 percent





Group E




Winners of Group E


$1.39 trillion

2.65 percent



$530.9 billion

1.44 percent

Advances as third-place team


$595.9 billion

2.15 percent

Advances to knockout stage


$105.1 billion

2.53 percent





Group F




Winners of Group F


$163.5 billion

3.47 percent

Advances to knockout stage


$238.8 billion

2.07 percent

Advances as third-place team


$2.716 trillion

1.6 percent



$3.861 trillion

0.72 percent

Be sure to check back tomorrow when will publish its ag-related Euro Cup bracket to determine the tournament champions!

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