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Feds commit up to $3 million to 4-H Canada

Feds commit up to $3 million to 4-H Canada

The funding will help the organization further the reach of 4-H clubs across rural communities

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

The Canadian government is helping ensure a staple organization in rural communities can continue to deliver important programs to its members.

Yesterday, Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau announced an investment of up to $3 million for 4-H Canada. The funding will come from the AgriCompetitiveness program under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

More than 250,000 members and 7,000 volunteers belong to 4-H clubs across the country.

Investing in 4-H Canada encourages young farmers and rural citizens to become active members of their communities.

“Young farmers across Canada must have a public voice and play an active role in shaping the future of our agriculture industry to ensure our rural communities continue to thrive and that all Canadians have access to healthy food,” Minister Bibeau said in a statement.

The organization appreciates the government support.

 The investment will allow 4-H Canada to continue expand its program offerings and engage with youth in a relatable manner.

“There are more areas of focus (in 4-H) now than there have ever been,” David Hovell, chair of the 4-H Canada Council, told “Not only is it just primary agriculture, it’s science and technology, food security and environmental sustainability.

“Gone are the days when I was a 4-Her and you waited each month for a newsletter. We try to have as many touchpoints as we can, and that includes an online presence of social media like Facebook and Instagram because everything is so immediate.”

Several 4-H programs, like the Steeped in Soil and Canada Science Fair Program, already feature an online component, Hovell said.

Despite the changes in how and where Canadian youth interact, the result of time spend in 4-H doesn’t change, he added.

“The ultimate (outcome) is a quality individual who is a respectful and engaged citizen who understands the value of community and contributing to the community.”

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Not sure way this government has to hand out money like this when there are farmers that are struggling to survive, which is the backbone to 4H. If the government were to correct it political chaos it would inject a lot more into the rural community ( 4H), it seems every time the government gets involved with a good thing it goes sideways. Belive in 4H and all 5 of my children were involved, now have 9 grandchildren in 4H. Not sure how this money going to be divided but it works out to $360.00 per 4Her, in my world i have nerve seen any good come from a straight handout !
Harvey |May 4 2019 3:01PM