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Fifth case of bird flu found in Ontario

Fifth case of bird flu found in Ontario

The CFIA confirmed the discovery on Thursday

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Ontario has at least five cases of bird flu.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) on March 31 confirmed a case of H5N1 in a poultry flock in the Township of Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation in Bruce County.

The premises is under quarantine and CFIA is recommending increased biosecurity measures.

The CFIA confirmed another case the day before.

On March 30, CFIA confirmed a case of H5N1 in a poultry flock in Woolwich, Ont.

These cases follow two additional cases of H5N1.

One discovered in a poultry flock in Zorra, Ont. on March 28 and another in a poultry flock in Guelph on March 27.

These are also in addition to the CFIA confirming a case of H5N1 in a red-tailed hawk in Waterloo Region on March 21.

In response to the positive confirmations, the Feather Board Command Centre, created to be the central figure in Ontario’s risk management strategy of the province’s chicken, egg, turkey and hatchery sectors, issues a biosecurity advisor to all Ontario producers.

The five Ontario cases of avian influenza bring the total number of confirmed cases in Canada to 13.

Other provinces have their own issues with bird flu as well.

Between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador, another seven cases.

The instances of bird flu in those two provinces led multiple countries to impose bans on Canadian poultry.

And on March 2, Prince Edward Island officials confirmed a case of H5N1 in a bald eagle

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