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Glyphosate plant running again

Glyphosate plant running again

The production plant in Louisiana supplies Roundup’s active ingredient to all of North America 

By Jackie Clark
Staff Writer 

Beginning in spring 2021, growers and retailers in Canada have expressed concern over reports of glyphosate shortages. Those concerns persist as farmers plan for planting in 2022. 

What started as supply chain issues due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic was soon exacerbated by energy issues in China, and adverse weather in the U.S.

“Hurricane Ida impacted the Bayer Crop Science production plant in Luling, Louisiana, causing damage to the site and extensive damage to the entire region,” Komie Hossini told He’s an associate communications business partner for Bayer Crop Science. 

The plant halted production on August 28 but was back online and ramping up production in early October. 

“The site resumed full operations ahead of schedule and is back at full production,” Hossini said. “Demand for glyphosate remains high and we, along with all companies challenged by Hurricane Ida and other global supply chain factors, are working diligently to serve our customers. This remains a top priority for the company.”

The Luling plant is an important part of the supply chain that reaches Canada. 

“Luling is a key site that helps provide 100 percent of the active ingredient for our Roundup branded agricultural herbicides in North America,” Hossini explained. 

“We understand the dynamics of this topic and the importance of glyphosate supply for farmers,” he added. 

The company did not comment on the shortage’s potential impact on farmers in terms of supply or prices of herbicide products. 

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