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Indiana Farm Equipment and Tech Expo returning in 2021

Indiana Farm Equipment and Tech Expo returning in 2021

The show will also be moving to a new location

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

One of Indiana’s popular farm shows is making a return in 2021.

The Indiana Farm Equipment and Technology Expo will be held December 14 to 16. Organizers had to cancel the show in 2020 because of the pandemic.

New for the 2021 event is the show’s location.

For the past 41 years, farmers and exhibitors attended the show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

This year the show is moving to the Grand Park Sports Complex in Westfield, Ind.

The facility is better equipped to accommodate today’s modern farm equipment, said Gary Truitt, president of the show.

“Farm equipment is getting bigger and we were having difficulty getting equipment into the fairgrounds, both from a road condition and machinery size standpoint” he told “This new facility is out of the city, is much bigger so equipment can get in easier, it has video screens all around and better ventilation.”

Show attendees can expect to see equipment and technology available to them today.

Farmers appreciate the attention to practicality, Truitt said.

“We do have some experimental stuff at the show to give farmers an idea of what’s coming, but we like to focus on what they can take home and use on their farms today,” he said.

Another benefit of the show is its intimate atmosphere.

Visitors have opportunities to engage with exhibitors in a way they may not be able to at larger shows, Truitt said.

“This isn’t a big national show where you just pick up a brochure and just get moved along with the crowd,” he said. “You get a lot of facetime here with exhibitors here and have really meaningful conversations with the folks who have the equipment farmers may be looking for.”

Overall, Truitt and show organizers are happy to be able to put on a show for farmers.

And farmers and exhibitors alike are calling in advance to reserve spots and get more information, he said.

“It was a tough decision for us not to hold the show in 2020, but it feels so good to be able to start it back up again this year,” he said. “Not only are we excited to be able to get people back together, but this will be one of the first indoor shows to take place in 2021. The exhibitors are excited to be back in front of farmers and our phones are ringing off the hook with people looking for show information."

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