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Introducing the new 2020 CLAAS JAGUAR 990

Introducing the new 2020 CLAAS JAGUAR 990

Features include 925 HP, TERRA TRAC and ORBIS series header

Ryan Ridley

When asked what CLAAS was excited to release to farmers in 2020, Dave Wilbert of CLAAS responded with the new 2020 JAGUAR 990 forage harvester.

The CLAAS JAGUAR 990 forage harvester is a new series that features a 925 HP MAN V12 engine with dynamic cooling, which identifies the requirements of all three cooling units, as well as cruise pilot, the automatic control of the ground speed by cruise pilot allows the engine load to be used to its fullest.

The JAGUAR 990 also features TERRA TRAC, which can be used on all surfaces throughout the year. When turning on grassland, the JAGUAR TERRA TRAC automatically reduces the tracks’ contact area by one third.

“TERRA TRAC comes from our series of LEXION combines, and we brought it over to our forage harvesters,” explained Wilbert. “This gives the machine excellent flotation, great stability on hillsides and mud, plus it allows the operator to go 25 miles per hour down the road.”

“Also, with the CLAAS forage harvester, there’s a new series of heads, the ORBIS corn head with improved design for crop flow and bigger knives for better ability to cut in tough conditions,” added Wilbert.

The new ORBIS series of corn heads is available in four models: ORBIS 900, ORBIS 750, ORBIS 635, and ORBIS 600 and includes a combination of large and small discs, a three-tier structure, as well as perfect ground-contour tracking as the suspension on the self-adjusting header ensures that the ORBIS maintains an ideal lateral balance.

ORBIS Series Model Specifications

ORBIS 900 – 30’ working width (12-30” rows)
ORBIS 750 – 25’ working width (10-30” rows)
ORBIS 635 – 21’ working width (8-30” rows / 7-38” rows)
ORBIS 600 – 20’ working width (8-30” rows)



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