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Maryland Department of Agriculture Reminds Horse Owners to Prepare for Hurricane Sandy

“Frankenstorm” Storm Surge Means Putting Livestock Disaster Prevention Plans into Action

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Hurricane Sandy is fast approaching - the monster storm dubbed “Frankenstorm” is forecasted to be one of the largest storms to hit to US, and is expected to make landfall on Monday. With this in mind, the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) is urging the agricultural horse community to ensure that animals are not forgotten when enacting hurricane preparedness plans.

The MDA has released the following procedures to consider when carrying out your hurricane preparedness plans: 

• Ensure that all horses are located on high ground
• Make sure you have enough water, food and medical supplies for livestock animals
• Make sure that all the water supplies are pumped in advance and don’t require electricity
• Secure all fuel tanks and top them off with diesel/gas and make sure that all portable generators are accessible
• Remove/secure all objects or items that could be made vulnerable in high winds
• Board all glass windows
• Ensure that all livestock areas are clean
• Have portable radios, batteries and flashlights and water supplies for yourself
• If you evacuate and take your livestock animals with you make sure that you have all required vaccinations/medications, health records, emergency kit, hay/feed and a water supply that will last for at least 48 hours

The department encourages all livestock producers including horse owners to contact the Maryland Emergency Management Agency if they should require further assistance prior to the storm, during or afterwards.


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