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Minister Ritz Recaps on Agricultural Trade Trip to China

Minister Ritz Recaps on Agricultural Trade Trip to China

By Amanda Brodhagen,

Federal Agricultural Minister Gerry Ritz says that Canada continues to strengthen our agricultural trade ties to Hong Kong and China.

"Our Government is committed to working with our trading partners from Hong Kong and China, to generate economic growth and prosperity on both sides of the Pacific," said Minister Ritz.

During Minister Ritz’s most recent trade mission, he emphasised Canada’s commitment to doubling trade by 2015. In particular, the two governments discussed increasing Canadian beef and tallow exports to China. Tallow, a fatty substance rendered from animal fat commonly used in soap and animal feed, is estimated to be worth $110 million.

In addition to discussing increasing trade, Minister Ritz also signed two agreements, including a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which aims to create an animal health working group. The second agreement signed was on Grain and Oilseeds which seeks to provide enhanced market access to Canadian wheat, barley and soybeans.

Minister Ritz touted the success of a newer market access achievement for fresh cherry exports from B.C to China, with growth expected to increase to $30 million over the next 5-years.

This trip follows through on several request made by Canadian industry groups to grow the country’s presence in Asian markets.


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