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Mycogen: New Soybean Varieties Available for 2014

Three new soybean varieties have been launched by Mycogen Seeds, a brand of Dow AgroSciences.

According to a company statement, the newly released varieties possess the Roundup Ready 2 Yield trait. Growers will be able to add these varieties to their portfolios for the 2014 growing season.

“These new soybean lines give growers strong yield potential and defensive characteristics to maximize on that potential,” Tom Claeys, Mycogen Seeds marketing specialist said in a release.

Here is a list of the varieties:

5A050RR2 – Mycogen claims this variety is suited for minimum tillage seeding. It’s described as a medium height plant with “excellent emergence.” This is a mid-group 0 variety, at 2635 hu.

5A075RR2 – This variety will grow to be at medium plant height and will have “very good emergence and standability.” It is a late-group 0 variety, at 2700 hu, with the Rps 1K PRR gene.

5A105RR2 – This variety is considered a medium-tall plant, which offers “excellent yield performance.” This early-group 1 variety, at 2825 hu, comes with the Rps 1K PRR gene.

The company pledges that growers can continue to expect the development of new soybean traits in the future. “We will continue developing soybeans with innovative technology and strong genetic performance,” explained Claeys.

More information about the products can be found at:

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