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New Corteva fungicide available to Canadian farmers

New Corteva fungicide available to Canadian farmers

Viatude protects against sclerotinia and white mould in canola and soybeans

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Canadian farmers have a new crop protection products available to them.

Viatude, a new fungicide from Corteva Agriscience, is available for canola and soybean farmers for the 2023 season.

“It is built for providing industry-leading protection of sclerotinia and white mould,” Kirsten Ratzlaff, portfolio marketing manager with Corteva Agriscience Canada, told

Viatude fungicide has multiple modes of action.

The first is Onmira, a Corteva Group 11 fungicide.

“It is a highly mobile active,” Ratzlaff said. “We see all sorts of excellent systemic movement throughout that plant.”

The other active ingredient is prothioconazole, a Group 3.

“Beyond just providing protection from white mould, it’s also going to be a really important tool in resistance management,” Ratzlaff said. “Both actives are highly effective ingredients. We believe they are two of the strongest active ingredients. Including both of those in the very unique combination of Viatude is what’s going to bring that superior plant protection.”

The application timing differs based on the crop a farmer is applying Viatude to.

For soybeans, it should be applied prior to disease development. And in canola, the product should be applied before or at onset of infection.

Corteva has worked with Viatude for multiple years prior to bringing the product to market.

Working in various field conditions, the fungicide provides all the advertised protection, Raztlaff said.

“We are really confident in the performance of Viatude and that protection level that it ultimately brings,” she said.

Corteva has field data about Viatude it will publish in the future, she added.

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