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Pheasants Forever Expands Precision Ag Team in Wisconsin

New Hires to Support Farmers, Wildlife in Key Regions



Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever are strengthening their commitment to sustainable agriculture and wildlife conservation by appointing new Precision Ag and Conservation Specialists in Wisconsin.  

These roles, filled by Johnny Behrendt in Northeastern Wisconsin and Anna Karels in Southern Wisconsin, are part of a broader initiative to merge agricultural productivity with environmental stewardship. 

Both specialists bring a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to their roles. Johnny Behrendt, with his background in natural resources and experience in the engineering and aquatics fields, aims to work closely with farmers to enhance both profitability and wildlife habitats.  

His role is supported by the Farm Climate Smart WI project, collaborating with various local and national partners, including the USDA. 

On the other hand, Anna Karels, who grew up on a family farm and recently graduated in Precision Agriculture, will focus her efforts on Southern Wisconsin.  

Her approach integrates her deep understanding of agronomy and animal science to provide tailored support to farmers, aiming to demonstrate that environmental quality and farm profitability can coexist successfully. 

Both Johnny and Anna will utilize farm data analysis to guide Wisconsin producers in identifying less productive acres and suggest alternative farming practices. These practices are expected not only to boost farm income but also to benefit soil, water, and wildlife in the long term. 

This initiative reflects Pheasants Forever's and Quail Forever's broader mission, which is the nation’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to upland habitat conservation.  

With over 420,000 members and a unique model that allows local chapters to control their fundraising, the organization has significantly impacted habitat conservation, dedicating funds and efforts to enhance over 26.5 million acres since 1982. 

The inclusion of these specialists is anticipated to be a game changer in promoting sustainable farming practices that align with conservation goals, ensuring that both land productivity and ecological health are prioritized. For more information, interested parties can reach out directly to the specialists via their contact details provided. 

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