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Predicting the Stanley Cup champions using ag

Predicting the Stanley Cup champions using ag

The Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning will battle for hockey’s biggest prize

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

And then there were two.

The Colorado Avalanche, representing the Western Conference, and the Tampa Bay Lightning, representing the Eastern Conference, are the final two teams standing in the 2021-22 NHL season and will play for the Stanley Cup beginning with game one on Wednesday.

Each team is entering the final series with individual storylines.

For the Lightning, they are trying to become just the sixth team in NHL history to win three straight Stanley Cups. The last team to do so was the New York Islanders between 1980 and 1983.

For the Avalanche, can their superstar lineup take the next step and win hockey’s ultimate prize?

Hockey pundits and fans will spend the next few days making their predictions. will do the same using ag stats and predict the winner using available data from the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

** Signals advantage for each team


Colorado Avalanche

Tampa Bay Lightning


Colorado Avalanche

Tampa Bay Lightning

State Represented



Value of Top Commodity ($)

Hay & haylage - $1,021,020,000 **

Oranges - $669,796,000

Number of Farms


47,500 **

Number of Acres Operated

31,800,000 **


Milk Production (Lb/Head)

25,966 **


Total Goat Inventory


53,000 **

Average Farm Size

815 acres **

204 acres

Based on the available ag data, the Colorado Avalanche will be the 2021-22 Stanley Cup champions!

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