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Regional OFA meetings go virtual

Regional OFA meetings go virtual

The Ontario Federation of Ontario will be hosting regional meetings online in late summer and early fall 

By Jackie Clark
Staff Writer

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) will hold their regional meetings in a digital format, to allow important organization functions to continue while protecting members from the spread of COVID-19.

“We care about the health of our staff, and our directors, and our members most of all so we want to ensure their safety through this process,” OFA vice-president Peggy Brekveld told

These meetings are important for OFA members who wish to become more actively involved in the organization. “Regional meetings are generally where the membership decides on delegates to the AGM (annual general meeting) for OFA. As well, they elect policy advisory council (PAC) members at that time,” Brekveld explained. Also, “we take advantage of the time then to also update on what’s going on.”

She encourages individuals who are interested in becoming delegates or PAC members to contact their local member services representative for further details.

“Different regions have different processes,” she added. “As far as voting goes, registered members attending the regional meeting will be given one vote per election.”

Members who wish to become a member of PAC need to register their intent to run seven days prior to the regional meeting.

OFA directors will host meetings using the Telus Business Connect platform.

“Some of the members may be familiar with (the platform) if they are on a county board,” Brekveld said. The software should allow for interaction, participation and a good opportunity to practice voting remotely.

This is important because if regional meeting attendees “become the delegate to the annual meeting in November, then they will have to practice for that,” she explained. The OFA AGM will also be held virtually.

One positive of the need to hold meetings remotely may be increased attendance from those who may not have been able to travel to regional meetings in previous years.

“We’re optimistic that people who may not have had time to come to a regional meeting might (attend) if they can do it from their homes,” Brekveld said. “We may see a different group of members attending and that would be great to see both our regular attendees as well as some new people getting involved.”

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