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Revolutionizing swine health - Merck Animal Health's SEQUIVITY IAV-S NA vaccine

By Jean-Paul McDonald

Merck Animal Health, also known as MSD Animal Health outside of North America, has launched a game-changing swine flu vaccine called SEQUIVITY IAV-S NA (Swine Influenza Vaccine, N1 and N2, RNA Particle). This revolutionary vaccine is designed to protect pigs against the H1N1, H1N2, and H3N2 influenza strains, marking a significant advancement in swine health. 

What sets SEQUIVITY IAV-S NA apart is its unique approach. This commercial vaccine relies solely on the influenza neuraminidase (NA) surface antigen to provide immunity. The NA RNA particles, a critical component of the vaccine, are produced using Merck Animal Health's state-of-the-art SEQUIVITY platform technology, which has a track record of effectively targeting swine pathogens, both established and emerging. 

Dr. Channing Sebo-Decker, a swine technical services veterinarian at Merck Animal Health, expressed enthusiasm for this innovative vaccine. He emphasized that the SEQUIVITY IAV-S NA vaccine represents a significant technological leap and a valuable tool for swine flu control programs. 

The vaccine is available in a frozen form and is mixed with Microsol Diluvac Forte® adjuvant at the point of use. Pigs can receive their first vaccination as early as three days old, followed by a booster shot three weeks later.  

This vaccine offers robust immunity against the H1N1 subtype for a minimum of 12 weeks post-booster dose. Licensing trials have demonstrated its safety and its ability to significantly reduce lung lesions and nasal shedding associated with five challenge strains from the H1N1, H1N2, and H3N2 subtypes. 

The SEQUIVITY IAV-S NA vaccine comes in both 50-dose and 250-dose formats. This innovative offering is in line with Merck Animal Health's dedication to improving the health of animals and supporting the people who look after them. 

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