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Stolen Maple Syrup from Quebec Turns up in New Brunswick

Search Warrant Executed at Maple Syrup Processing and Exporting Facility

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On August 24, 2012, officials at a storage facility in Saint-Louis-de-Blandford, Quebec, discovered evidence of a massive theft involving $20 million worth of maple syrup. The theft of the maple syrup was not exactly taken as it was found, but rather stolen by transferring maple syrup from 16,000 45-gallon barrels into another containment vessel, perhaps a tanker truck and removing it from the storage premises.

Last week, The Sûreté du Québec and the RCMP obtained search warrants and raided a facility in Kedgwick, New Brunswick. According to Sergeant Daniel Thibodeau of the SQ, a search warrant “had been executed,” at S.K. Export in Kedgwick, NB and that a large amount of maple syrup was shipped from there back to a storage facility in Quebec.

Although no arrests have been made in connection to the missing syrup or for what was discovered at S.K. Export in Kedgwick, NB and shipped to a Quebec storage facility, we’re sure we haven’t heard the last word on this bizarre crime.


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