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Topigs Norsvin opens Innova Canada

Topigs Norsvin opens Innova Canada

New genetics facility in Canada to increase the progress of the TN70 sow.

By Andrew Joseph,; Image via Topigs Norsvin

Topigs Norsvin—a global supplier of swine genetics headquartered in The Netherlands—has officially opened its new nucleus farm Innova Canada near Plumas, Manitoba.

This facility will, be part of a bigger plan to upgrade and expand the nucleus capacity of Topigs Norsvin in Canada.

Topigs Norsvin is globally renowned for its innovative approach to implementing innovative technologies and its continuous focus on cost-efficient and sustainable pig production. Research, innovation, and dissemination of genetic improvements are the cornerstones of the company. Continuous and strong product improvement will enable clients to achieve significant added value in their production.

Innova Canada will contribute to further accelerating genetic progress in the Z-line, one of the lines that form the basis of the TN70 sow (see image at top) that produces stronger sows, more piglets and better finishers.

Via this new facility, Topigs Norsvin expects to meet the growing demand for its genetics—especially in the US, while also leading to accelerated genetic progress and faster dissemination of this genetic progress to customers worldwide.

Hans Olijslagers, the company’s Chief Technology Officer remarked: “Innova Canada is part of Topigs Norsvin’s long-term balanced breeding strategy and will substantially contribute to our target of increasing genetic progress even further. Although it will contribute to the success of our customers worldwide, in particular, it shows our commitment to the North American market.”

One of the innovations within the new nucleus is the implementation of group gestation and loose farrowing.

The aim is to be fully in line with future Canadian welfare legislation and legislation in other countries. This also means the genetic lines will be bred for this type of housing.

Innova Canada runs entirely on electricity and uses no fossil energy sources like propane or natural gas. As 97 percent of the electricity is from hydropower, the nucleus uses renewable and virtually emission-free energy.

High biosecurity is another important aspect of Innova Canada. The new nucleus facility was specifically chosen near Plumas because the area sports a low pig density. When combined with high biosecurity protocols, strict transportation rules, and high levels of health monitoring, the new facility will ensure the highest health status and continuity of supply.

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