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U.S. farmers celebrate their nation

U.S. farmers celebrate their nation

America turns 243-years-old on Thursday

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Thursday will be a day of celebration across the United States as the country celebrates its 243rd Independence Day.

Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 to separate 13 colonies from British rule and eventually form the United States of America.

With that history at top of mind, asked U.S. producers what the best part is about being an American farmer.

For Laurie Isely, a cash crop farmer from Palmyra, Mich., being a U.S. producer means having pride in your operation.

“We have freedom to make decisions about what we grow and how we grow it,” she told “We also have a government that values agriculture, and we can all take pride in the fact that we produce safe and healthy food that allows us to feed the world.”

Chris Tallman, a wheat farmer from Brandon, Colo., will be in the midst of wheat harvest during the evening of July 4.

Being an American farmer allows him to take in the nighttime visuals from a unique perspective, he said.

“I love harvesting wheat on July 4 because I get to watch the fireworks from my combine and there’s nothing better than that,” he told “You can see them from 20 miles away.”

For Mike Beard, a corn producer from Frankfort, Ind., farming in the United States means having the autonomy to produce crops as he sees fit.

“I’ve been to other countries and spoken to other farmers,” he told “For as much regulation as we have, there are some other parts of the world that have far more, and farmers can’t grow what they want. Here in the U.S., I can choose to produce the crops I want every year that I farm.”

America’s red, white and blue will be front and center during July 4 celebrations.

While those colors represent freedom, all three producers recognized their freedoms came with a price.

Those who have sacrificed their lives to provide freedom cannot be forgotten, Beard said.

“What we have around us was paid for by others,” he said. “We need to be thankful and cognizant of their sacrifices because, if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the fruits of my labor.” wishes everyone a happy and safe July 4!

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