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UN declares 2014 International Year of Family Farming

United Nations gives a boost to family farms

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With 98% of Canada’s farms being family-owned, the announcement made by the United Nations to declare 2014 the International Year of Family Farming should be a very welcoming gesture. The term “family farmers” is defined as agricultural producers who make the majority of their living by farming. It’s believed that family farmers play a pivotal role in enhancing food security. The World Bank estimates that a 1% increase in GDP in agriculture sector will be twice as effective in alleviating poverty compared to any other sector. The UN declaration aims to focus on policies for sustainable development of agricultural systems.

The UN notes that there have been too many years of lack of interest towards agriculture, which has led to a number of issues that face the sector today – the disappearance of many family farms, population migration to the cities and less than thorough government support. “The time has come to re-launch farming, and the international Community should not squander the opportunity,” says Jacques Diouf, the General Director of (FAO).

Organizations and individuals are who are interested in getting involved with the campaign can sign a declaration which can be found on the website. Further information about the Family Farming campaign can be found at:

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