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Will Wynne Hold Her Promise to be Ontario’s Agriculture Min. for One Year?

Ontario’s First Female Premier Pledges to Take on the Role as Agriculture Minister

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Ontario made history on Saturday, as the Ontario Liberal party elected Kathleen Wynne as the first female, and openly gay party leader as premier of the province.

Wynne, who was one of the front-runners since the campaign began, won the leadership on the third ballot at the leadership convention held at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto.

Out of the six leadership hopefuls, Wynne was also one of the only candidates who had a plan outlined for rural Ontario. Wynne also surprised many during the first campaign debate when she pledged to appoint herself as Minister of Agriculture for one year in addition to her role as premier.

Many in rural Ontario have been frustrated with the Liberals seemingly unpopular policies such as the Green Energy Act and the approach that was taken to deal with Ontario’s horseracing industry. The rural and urban divide has been exacerbated by the Liberal governments approach thus far.

As one of the leading agriculture news sources online, had been closely following the leadership race and last week send out an agricultural questionnaire to all of the campaigns; and Wynne and Charles Sousa - who ended up backing Wynne in the race - were the only two campaigns that responded. The full questionnaire can be found at – Ontario Liberal Candidates Answer Agricultural Questionnaire. would like to congratulate Kathleen Wynne on her leadership victory, and we’re looking forward to seeing her hopefully take-on a new approach to tackling rural Ontario issues. 

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