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New Year, New Regulation - Why All Producers Should Resolve To Make VFD Work In 2017

Jan 04, 2017

By Dr. Mike Apley
Kansas State University Veterinary Specialist

As we ring in the New Year, so do we usher in the official arrival of the Veterinary Feed Directive. While the agricultural community still has mixed feelings about this regulation, Kansas State University Veterinary Specialist Dr. Mike Apley tells Radio Oklahoma Ag Network’s Farm Director Ron Hays that, emotions aside, it is imperative for animal agriculture to come together to make VFD work. He says if not, then there could be consequences.

“We cannot afford as an agricultural industry to be perceived as blowing off regulations,” Apley said. “Because if it is perceived that we cannot be trusted to adhere to regulations, then right or wrong, there’s only the nuclear option left, and that is - you don’t have (antibiotics) anymore.”

Dr. Apley insists that we as an industry will get through this year and come out the other side adapted to the requirements of the new regulation. He assures that in time, navigating the waters of VFD will be routine practice. Nonetheless, he maintains that conversation between producers, their veterinarians and their feed distributor has never been more important than right now.

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