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Farmobile Automatically Captures Big Ag Data and Provides Growers Ownership & Control

Apr 29, 2015
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Kansas City, MO, (AgPRForget about spending time downloading farm machinery data onto jump drives and having to pass them to your agronomist to see what is going on in a field.  A new wireless, cellular based information management system will effortlessly move farm data from the machinery up to a secure internet cloud based server to save time and help unlock the value of information that often dies in the field.
A Precision Agriculture technology company is testing an innovative new information system this spring with hundreds of farmers across North America.  Farmobile is a self-funded, independent agriculture technology company, based in Kansas City, Missouri.  (
The Farmobile, Simplicity™ farm data management system, includes a Passive Uplink Connection (PUC), Electronic Farm Record (EFR) system, and an iPad app which will help farmers control of their data. The company is developing tools farmers can use to share or market their data if they want to.   Farmers own their data with this Farmobile system which is designed to complement and encourage the adoption of precision agriculture technology.
Farmobile, LLC President Jason Tatge motions toward the small orange box which is the Passive Uplink Connection, commonly called a "PUC.".
The more precision agriculture technology farmers have, the more data they can collect in their Farmobile ERF  The PUC is a conduit that moves data from the other systems a farmer owns to a central place, a secure internet cloud data server.  A centralized EFR allows farmers to take control of data from their other systems, even if those systems do not work well together.
Another interesting feature of the Farmobile Simplicity system is that farmers will have the option to market and sell access to their farm data to their suppliers in the future if they decide to.if they so choose.
Farmer Beta Tester Jesse (insert last name, city, state)  likes the iPad App that shows where he is in the field, PUC in the background.
“The more data farmers collect in their EFR, the more data they have the option to market and profit from. In this way buying a new tractor terminal is similar to adding more acres of ground to an operation... because a new terminal will generate more data. In the near future Farmobile will provide farmers with tools to market their data as we bring our data marketplace online.”says Farmobile’s President, Jason Tatge.
"Farmobile has both web and iOS applications under active development so farmers can access the information in their Electronic Farm Record (EFR). Throughout the 2014 crop year these applications will provide evolving availability. Our aim is to have these applications ready to use by the end of the midwest harvest this year. Beta testers with our current iPad app have some access and are already providing great feedback. We are using this feedback to make EFR access a first-class experience. The beta test we ran during 2014 cost the farmer nothing." says Jason Tatge.
Progress on the Farmobile Beta Test can be followed on the company Twitter account  ( @FarmobileLLC ).
In the future for farmer customers to move data from a PUC to their ERF, Farmobile expects to charge an annual subscription fee. This subscription will cover the cost for cellular data for 12 months for up to 5 PUCs, the cost to remotely and securely store all a farmer's data, and the ability to manage of that data with the Farmobile iPad app.
Farmobile's automated data collection and transfer device is called a "PUC," which is short for Passive Uplink Connection. 

Source: Agrinewscenter
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