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4 Tips to Make the Most of Tight Planting Windows

4 Tips to Make the Most of Tight Planting Windows
In tight planting windows, you only have one chance to get your seeds in the ground at the right depth and spacing — and you don’t have time for downtime. Issues in the field during planting are often preventable and a result of not sticking to maintenance schedules.
Precision Planting® products are available to help ensure accuracy and maximum productivity with yield-boosting technology. Take a look at these tips to make sure you hit the fields with confidence this spring and in the years to come:
Inspect each row unit.
Inspect each row unit component and check for wear on disc openers, planter shoes, firming points, closing disc units and parallel link bushings. On disc openers, confirm the size (diameter) and the shimming or blade contact, which should not exceed ? inch.
Remember: Replace opening discs and the firming point on a row unit at the same time to maintain an even depth and soil contact characteristics and to promote even wear patterns.
Contact your dealer if any parts need to be replaced, or order parts online at
Check seed meters and tubes.
In the Advanced Seed Meter (ASM), check the seed disc, seed disc cover and singulator spools for wear. Each component has wear grooves that indicate when it is worn out and needs replacing.
Additionally, calibrating your seed meters helps you plant at your target rate to ensure consistently spaced plants. Offered at Case IH Premier Certified Dealers, MeterMax® testing makes the calibration process simple.
Inspect your liquid fertilizer system.
If liquid fertilizer is part of your planting practices, be sure to check for any leaks and drain any antifreeze before you take to the fields. Be confident all tips are installed on the boom. If you’re delivering liquid fertilizer in-furrow with a tube behind the seed shoe, check that the tube doesn’t interfere with seed drop. This is a common issue that can hurt your seed placement accuracy.
Customize your planter with Precision Planting products.
There are many ways to customize your planter to meet your fields’ unique needs. Case IH offers a full line of planter solutions and technology that come with season-long service and local dealer support — available at Case IH Premier Certified Dealers.
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