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A New Study Looks At The Best Agronomic Practices For Economic Returns For Lentil Producers

A newly released research study looks at the optimal agronomic practices that can provide the best economic return for lentil producers.
The study was done by Jessica Ens, the General Manager for the Western Applied Research Centre.
The project focused on evaluating the economic return in three areas seeding rates, weed control and disease management.
The study was conducted over three years from 2017 to 2019 in six different locations across Saskatchewan, Scott, Outlook, Indian Head, Swift Current, Yorkton and Saskatoon.
The Agronomy Manager for the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, Sherrilynn Phelps has reviewed the data.
"The middle rate that Jessica used in this project was 190 seeds per square metre, so about 1 1/2 times the seeding rate. So. that was the most optimum seeding rate that gave the most yield, and then in combination with the residual herbicide option was the most economical."
She says disease pressure was low during the years of the study, so while there was a yield benefit from using a fungicide there wasn't enough to actually cover the costs.
Phelps notes other tips for increasing your return on investment means looking at your crop rotation, avoid or minimize the risk of root rot, look at your fertility and seed treatment options, but overall pick seed varieties suitable for your region.
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