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AdFarm and Canadian Foodgrains Bank extend partnership to increase efforts to end world hunger

AdFarm and Canadian Foodgrains Bank are extending their partnership to encourage Canadian farmers and farm communities to get involved in efforts to end world hunger.
AdFarm is the largest agriculturally focused communications agency in Canada and one of the largest in North America. The partnership began three years ago when AdFarm began working with the Foodgrains Bank to help encourage more Canadian farmers to participate in efforts to end global hunger. The partnership is representative of AdFarm’s pro bono commitment to support agriculture with tangible and actionable communications.
“We were encouraged in the first phase of this partnership and believe there is so much more that can be done to involve Canadian agricultural communities in the work of the Foodgrains Bank,” says AdFarm President Ben Graham. “Canadian farmers grow and produce top quality food that feeds local, Canadian and global consumers.”
Each year, farm communities across Canada come together to plant, tend and harvest a crop. Once sold, they donate the proceeds to the Foodgrains Bank for its members’ work in ending world hunger.
“Our farmers are generous, and the Foodgrains Bank provides an opportunity for them to support those in need by doing what they do best—farming,” adds Graham. “We’re happy to support and encourage this work with our pro bono dedication of resources.”
The first phase of the partnership focused on a campaign called Farmers Helping Farmers. Most people in poor countries who constantly face hunger are people who depend on agriculture to feed their families. The Farmers Helping Farmers campaign highlighted how those best-suited to help them in Canada are people who also know and love farming and agriculture.
In the second phase, AdFarm will continue to work with the Foodgrains Bank to strengthen the current campaign. They will also extend their expertise to the Foodgrains Bank for use in ongoing communications projects, including web design and advertising. AdFarm will also work with the Foodgrains Bank to create links between urban and rural Canadians who are motivated to end global hunger.
“We know Canadians from all communities care about ending global hunger,” says Jim Cornelius, executive director of the Foodgrains Bank. “We’re encouraged to see more urban Canadians getting involved in the efforts of our rural supporters.”
Urban communities will often raise money to help cover the cost of farming inputs for projects that support the Foodgrains Bank, so when the crop is sold, more money is available to help end hunger.
“We’re grateful for AdFarm’s generosity and the ability to use their expertise to strengthen our work,” says Cornelius. “Our history has deep roots in rural Canada, and they’re enabling us to strengthen those roots and increase the understanding of Canadians about the realities of farming here at home and overseas.”
– Shaylyn McMahon, Communications Coordinator
Source : CFB