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Ag In Motion's Discovery Plus Event Goes Live Today

COVID 19 has resulted in the cancellation of most farm shows, events and field days but the Ag in Motion team just changed their format to accomodate the situation.
Show Director Rob O'Connor says they felt it was important to continue the show in a virtual format in an effort to keep producers updated with the latest information and technology they need on the farm.
The online venue continues throughout the week and features 240 different sessions from crop plot tours, to equipment demonstrations, information seminars, product launches and more.  
The Knowledge Centre features a variety of seminars from digital technology, to grain markets, risk management, crop production, insects, and disease sessions to a look at the global weather conditions in 2020.
With the virtual show this year it opens the opportunity for producers that couldn't normally make the trip to Langham, Saskatchewan to actually take part. 
One of the highlights for this year is the ATV Ride and Drive.
Laura Rance-Unger says it features 4 different ATV's that are taken through a challenging course that was set up on her acreage near Carman, Manitoba. 
They were tested on how they maneuvered in tight spaces, how they carry a load, how they tow a load, and how they handle steep terrain.
"You start to see that some vehicles perform better in some areas than others, but they all have attributes that people might be looking for when they go shopping for one of these machines."
She notes the UTV Ride and Drive is featured throughout the week just check the daily schedule for specific times. 
Livestock Central has something for everyone whether you're involved in the sheep, bison, dairy or beef industry. 
Producers will have an opportunity to take part in a number of online presentations covering a variety of topics from silage, to managing water quality, to information sessions on the beef value chain and a key panel discussion on building resiliency in the beef sector. 
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