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AGCO Crop Tour 2020 Features Fendt Momentum Planter

DULUTH, Ga. — AGCO Corporation (NYSE:AGCO), a worldwide manufacturer of agricultural equipment, will be demonstrating new technologies to manage planting-time soil compaction during its 2020 Fendt Momentum Crop Tour program in North America.  
After the wet planting season and late harvest of 2019, growers in many states dealt with planting delays from excess rain again in 2020. Being able to plant crops in a short window without adding to yield-robbing soil compaction is important for optimum crop productivity. Until now, high-capacity, central-fill planters used to optimize the number of acres planted in a day often bring a downside of pinch rows and tire-track compaction at the center of the planter. Damp soils only make the situation worse.
AGCO created the all-new Fendt® Momentum™ planter to help farmers solve these and other planting-time challenges. The Momentum planter’s capabilities will be showcased through a Fendt Momentum Crop Tour. As in previous years, this educational program uses the latest crop-mapping and data-collection technology to help growers better understand the interactions that influence crop performance so they can ultimately make better decisions based on their local conditions.
Crop Tour plots have been planted using the Momentum planter and the Load Logic™ weight-management system to demonstrate how the automated technology can reduce compaction to positively impact plant health and yield. The Crop Tour also will continue to demonstrate how best planting practices improve seedling establishment and crop yields. The program is in its fifth season.
“It’s really exciting to see how we can manage soil compaction from an equipment standpoint while still maintaining productivity with a high-capacity planter that can cover a lot of acres,” says Jason Lee, AGCO agronomist and farm solutions specialist who oversees the plots. The new compaction portion of the 2020 AGCO Crop Tour program will focus on how tire inflation, planter weight management and controlled traffic strategies can lessen soil compaction for optimum yields and higher return on investment for producers.
Corn has been planted in the plots using pre-production models of the Fendt Momentum planter, with locations at Pontiac, Illinois; Stewartville, Minnesota; Baltic, South Dakota; and Chillicothe and Lima, Ohio.
Side-by-side passes to demonstrate the impact of compaction use the Momentum planter’s optional Load Logic weight management system. Treatments compare high and low tire inflation and three weight distribution models: weight balanced evenly across the toolbar, weight concentrated on the in-line tandem transport wheels to demonstrate a controlled traffic application and with the weight management system disabled. To compare best planting practices for crop-specific planting depths, singulation and downforce settings, the Fendt Momentum planters are equipped with Precision Planting® components that sense furrow data; ensure even singulation, downforce and planting depth; and enable high-speed planting.  
Source : AGCO Corp