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Agribition launches Animal Ag Tech Awards

Canadian Western Agribition has announced its first annual Canadian Animal Ag Tech Awards

CEO Shaun Kindopp says any business working in animal agriculture technology can apply for the Awards in three categories, Most Innovative, Business of the Year, and Rising Star in Animal Ag Tech.

"Animal ag tech is on the rise. I've talked with a lot of the folks and our partners, at Cultivator. They mentioned to us that over 30 per cent of the cohorts that they're seeing are focused in that animal ag tech sector. There was a gentleman that I've been in contact with,  who set a goal that if he can reach a certain quota he would quit his job and go full-time in the animal ag tech sector. With the leads that he was able to gather an Agribition two years ago, last year, he was able to quit his job and go full time in that sector. So it's something we're proud of, and we're hoping to have a lot more of those success stories."

Canadian Western Agribition's first annual Canadian Animal Ag Tech Awards are presented by Deloitte Canada.

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