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AITC-C celebrates over 2 million student experiences in agriculture education

Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C), along with its 10 provincial members, has connected two million students to agriculture education experiences, as reported in AITC-C’s 2020-2021 Annual Progress Report. With the COVID-19 shift, AITC-C continued to deliver programming virtually – allowing for a wider reach to more remote communities and schools. 

Through the strong presence of AITC-C's 10 provincial members from across Canada and its online Curriculum Connected Resource Matrix, AITC-C strives to address the knowledge gap of our food system. Collectively, we provided accurate, balanced, and current agriculture information and resources to Canadian classrooms. 

"We are thrilled that so many curious students are participating in AITC-C's innovative learning opportunities,” said Johanne Ross, Executive Director of AITC-C. “Our reach continues to grow as we adapt to the changing tides in educational delivery and focus on creating student experiences and meaningful connections to agriculture and food.” 

AITC-C has facilitated this learning through events during Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month, its 72 snapAG infographic-style ‘hot topic’ information sheets, as well as the continuous expansion of a bilingual, interactive agriculture education resource library – which includes 60,000 curriculum outcomes for educational lesson plans, activities, videos, games, etc. - perfect for in-classroom and at-home learning. This year, the thinkAG initiative released a new website encouraging older students to get curious about careers in agriculture, which aims to address the labour shortage in Canada’s agri-food sector. 

“AITC-C brings together the strength and expertise of all ten member provinces toward our vision ‘Agriculture in every classroom, inspiring every student’,” said Pat Tonn, Chair of AITC-C. “AITC organizations across Canada play a vital role in shaping how students think, know and feel about agriculture, and we look forward to more building blocks to come.” 

AITC-C is proud to record these accomplishments for the 2020-2021 year: 

  • 49,000+ resource views
  • 28,000+ participants in the Little Green Thumbs garden program 
  • 750,000+ reach on social media 
  • 89,000+ website views
  • 1.6 million funding from the Canadian Agriculture Partnership 
  • 17 foundation partners and stakeholders 
Source : AITC-C

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